Website Security

We take website security seriously. A hacked website can cost downtime but also your reputation. That’s why our hosting scans your website regularly, includes a free SSL certificate, automatically updates your WordPress Core, Themes and Plugins, and backs up all your files, just in case.

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Automatic Updates and Backups

A WordPress website is only secure when it’s up-to-date. That’s why our hosting provides automatic updates for everything, including Core Files, Themes and Plugins. Updates are tested on a clone of your site using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to ensure there are no conflicts. And nightly backups are always taken before, just in case.

Free SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate shows the world that you take security seriously. Configuring your website to always use https not only sends a strong message about security,  it also helps your page rank with search engines like Google. Our WordPress Fully Managed Hosting includes a free SSL Certificate that is automatically renewed, so you won’t ever have to worry.

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Your website is only as good as its hosting. And with our WordPress Fully Managed hosting your website will shine! Not only is our security the highest priority, but so is our commitment to our customers.